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Records in Hong Kong show that Skycom was voluntarily liquidated in June 2017 and that Canicula was paid about $132,000 as part of the resolution sterling silver mother of pearl cufflinks. The liquidator, Chan Leung Lee, of BDO Ltd in Hong Kong, declined to comment. The Financial Services Commission in Mauritius, where Canicula remains registered, declined to release any of its records to Reuters, saying they were confidential. Until two years ago, Canicula had an office in Syria, another country that has been subject to U.S. and European Union sanctions. In May 2014, a Middle Eastern business website called published a brief article about the dissolution of a Huawei company in Syria that specialized in automated teller machine (ATM) equipment. Osama Karawani, an attorney who was identified as the appointed liquidator, wrote a letter asking for a correction, stating that the article had caused “serious damage” to Huawei..

Karawani said the article suggested that Huawei itself had been dissolved, not just the ATM company. In his letter, which was linked to on the Aliqtisadi website, he said Huawei was still in business sterling silver mother of pearl cufflinks. “Huawei was never dissolved,” he wrote; he added that it “has been and is still operating in Syria through several companies which are Huawei Technologies Ltd and Canicula Holdings Ltd.” Huawei Technologies is one of Huawei’s main operating companies. Karawani didn’t respond to emailed questions from Reuters about Canicula..

U.S. investigators are aware of Canicula’s connection to Syria, according to a person familiar with the probe. Canicula had an office in Damascus and operated in Syria on behalf of Huawei, another person said. That person said Canicula’s customers there included three major telecommunications companies sterling silver mother of pearl cufflinks. One is MTN Syria, controlled by South Africa’s MTN Group Ltd, which has mobile-phone operations in both Syria and Iran. MTN has a joint venture in Iran – MTN Irancell – that is also a Huawei customer. MTN advised Huawei on setting up the structure of Skycom’s office in Iran, according to another source familiar with the matter..

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – As vehicles get smarter, your car will be keeping eyes on you sterling silver mother of pearl cufflinks. This week at CES, the international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, a host of startup companies will demonstrate to global automakers how the sensor technology that watches and analyzes drivers, passengers and objects in cars will mean enhanced safety in the short-term, and revenue opportunities in the future. Whether by generating alerts about drowsiness, unfastened seat belts or wallets left in the backseat, the emerging technology aims not only to cut back on distracted driving and other undesirable behavior, but eventually help automakers and ride-hailing companies make money from data generated inside the vehicle..

In-car sensor technology is deemed critical to the full deployment of self-driving cars, which analysts say is still likely years away in the United States. Right now, self-driving cars are still mainly at the testing stage. The more sophisticated in-car monitoring also could respond to concerns that technology that automates some – but not all – driving tasks could lead motorists to stop paying attention and not be ready to retake control should the situation demand it. When self-driving cars gain broad acceptance, the monitoring cameras and the artificial-intelligence software behind them will likely be used to help create a more customized ride for the passengers sterling silver mother of pearl cufflinks. Right now, however, such cameras are being used mainly to enhance safety, not unlike a helpful backseat driver..