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The PBOC is using a range of measures, including targeted reserve requirement cuts and the targeted medium-term loan facility, to encourage banks to lend to smaller companies, he said. Cash injections by the PBOC ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday have “accurately ensured overall liquidity”, he added monogrammed cufflinks. Demand for bank credit is also held back by poor rate transmission, Sun said, noting that the PBOC continues to publish benchmark deposit and loan rates that are not in line with partially liberalized market rates..

BEIJING (Reuters) – China has ample room for macro policy support, Ning Jizhe, head of the National Bureau of Statistics said on Monday, after the world’s second-largest economy grew at the slowest pace since the global financial crisis in the fourth quarter of 2018. China has confidence and the capacity to achieve reasonable growth this year, Ning said, adding that the slowing economy has shown some signs of stabilization over the past two months monogrammed cufflinks. Ning said that while the China-U.S. trade war has affected China’s economy the impact on growth is manageable..

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s economic growth cooled slightly in the fourth quarter from a year earlier as expected, weighed down by weak investment and faltering consumer confidence as Washington piled on trade pressure, leaving 2018 growth the weakest in 28 years. * Q4 GDP +6.4 pct y/y (f’cast +6.4 pct, prev +6.5 pct). * Q4 GDP +1.5 pct q/q (f’cast +1.5 pct, prev +1.6 pct) monogrammed cufflinks. * 2018 GDP +6.6 pct vs 2017’s +6.8 percent. * Dec industrial output +5.7 pct y/y (f’cast +5.3, Nov +5.4)..

* Dec retail sales +8.2 pct y/y (f’cast +8.2, Nov +8.1) monogrammed cufflinks. * Jan-Dec fixed asset investment +5.9 pct y/y (f’cast +6.0, Jan-Nov +5.9 pct). * Dec property investment +8.2 pct y/y vs +9.3 pct in Nov – Reuters calculation. Asian markets kept their nerve while China’s stock market held steady after the data. The Australian dollar AUD=D4, seen as a liquid proxy for China demand, also held largely steady. “There are three key drivers of the Chinese economy: infrastructure, property and exports. We see that infrastructure is rebounding, but property and exports are slowing down..

“We expect an escalation of stimulus in infrastructure and property in the second half.” monogrammed cufflinks. “I believe they want to see an aggressive target (above 6.5 percent) as they celebrate the 70th anniversary (of the establishment of the PRC)”. “China can’t rely on exports or a very difficult manufacturing sector, but we see an upside in infrastructure. The government will approve a lot more projects in the pipeline. 2019 will be more of a domestic story, especially on the investment side.”..

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“We do expect growth to be relatively strong this year at around 6.3 percent platinum cufflinks india. That should support stability of the yuan and also help to underpin the stock market. The big risk to all of that is what will happen with the U.S.-China trade war. If there is no deal and if the trade measures escalate, then this would be a negative for the currency, the growth outlook and the equity market. A lot will hinge on what happens in the U.S.-China trade war, and if a deal can be concluded in the first half of this year.”..

NAOTO SAITO, CHIEF RESEARCHER, DAIWA INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH, TOKYO. “The data shows the economy is steadily slowing down, although we had thought we could have seen a bigger slowdown. “It is hit by three factors, a slowdown in the global economy, including Chine’s own, due to rising U.S platinum cufflinks india. interest rates, the U.S-China trade war and weak demand for mobile phones, which accounts for about 70 percent of the fall in China’s exports in December.”. “The government has means to support the economy. They can expand infrastructure spending and they can cut banks’ reserve requirement ratio. So we don’t need to worry about capital spending..

“But the problem lies in consumption platinum cufflinks india. As the U.S. and China clash on many fronts, consumer sentiment appears to have been hurt. Until now, solid wage growth has been supporting consumption but now there appears to be a sense of vague anxiety about the future.”. STEVE COCHRANE, CHIEF APAC ECONOMIST, MOODY’S ANALYTICS. “It’s pretty clear that the government will try to use as much selective stimulus to keep the economy on a good track. They could easily reduce the RRR again. It is still not down to where it was back during the financial crisis. That, plus some tax cuts. The difficulty will be trying to ramp up consumer spending and that’s because of the high debt load consumers are in right now. The corporate debt load is high as well. Local governments are strapped with debt. So it’s not the question of if government being able to provide for the stimulus but really the effectiveness of it.”..

“The data continues to reflect a slowdown in China that is caused by both domestic and external weakness. Some positives to take away are that IP and retail sales beat expectations in December. That highlights some degree of resilience in the economy and shows that some of the targeted stimulus measures are helping a little to support the economy platinum cufflinks india. “The trade war didn’t directly impact on the growth figures so much because growth is mostly domestically supported. But its impact on both consumer and investor confidence was much greater.”..

“No real surprises there. The GDP number is down a little bit but that has been expected platinum cufflinks india. It’s consistent with the commentary around a slowdown in Chinese growth. “The IP and retail data point to some stabilization in growth towards the end of last year. Overall they are not bad numbers although there will be some debate about how reliable these numbers are. “We are expecting a slowdown in Q1 led by exports, although for the year as a whole we are seeing 6.2 percent. “As far as policy response is concerned, I don’t think we are likely to see the kind of stimulus we saw in 2015/16.”..

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TOKYO (Reuters) – Nippon Life Insurance Co is actively seeking mergers and acquisitions overseas, with a focus on the United States and Asia’s emerging economies, the president of Japan’s largest life insurer said on Monday elegant cufflinks. Japanese insurers have been among the most aggressive in overseas acquisitions. Yet, unlike smaller rivals, Nippon Life has not made a deal in the United States, except for a minority stake in asset management company TCW Group in 2017. “The United States is the world’s largest life insurance market. We are looking for ways to expand our business there,” President Hiroshi Shimizu told Reuters in an interview..

“We would also like to explore various possibilities in Asia’s emerging countries,” he said, but did not provide details. While life insurers say there is still room for growth in Japan as its ageing demographics is likely to create demand for new insurance products in nursing and medical care, they are under increasing pressure to look overseas as their home market is faced with a shrinking population. Nippon Life is a mutual company owned by its insurance policy holders. It has made a string of acquisitions in recent years and had total assets of about 78 trillion yen ($711.6 billion) as of the end of September last year elegant cufflinks.

Last year, Nippon Life bought an 85.1 percent stake in the Japanese unit of U.S.-based MassMutual Financial Group for about 100 billion yen, with the aim of tapping MassMutual’s wealthy clientele. In 2016, it made a $2.5 billion purchase of smaller domestic rival Mitsui Life Insurance Co to bolster sales through bank branch networks elegant cufflinks. With these acquisitions and a new company being readied for third-party insurance agents sales channel, Shimizu said Nippon Life has acquired units necessary for the domestic life insurance business for the time being..

The company is now shifting greater emphasis to building up overseas businesses. Nippon Life bought an 80 percent stake in MLC Ltd, operator of Australia’s fourth-largest life insurer, from National Australia Bank Ltd (NAB.AX) for A$2.4 billion in 2016. But Nippon Life is the only one among Japan’s top four private-sector life insurance companies that has not made a major acquisition in the United States elegant cufflinks. Rival Dai-ichi Life Holdings Inc (8750.T) bought U.S. insurer Protective Life Corp for about $5.6 billion in 2015, followed by Sumitomo Life’s $3.7 billion acquisition of Symetra Financial Corp and Meiji Yasuda Life’s $5 billion buy of StanCorp Financial Group in 2016..

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – The state of Western Australia said on Monday an audit had found global miner BHP Group underpaid royalties on iron ore shipments sold via its Singapore marketing hub stretching back over more than a decade elegant cufflinks. BHP quickly disputed the claim, saying long-standing deductions it makes to account for the cost of selling Western Australia iron ore had been consistently audited and accepted by the state as part of calculations on how much the world’s biggest miner owed it in royalty payments..

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Coupe and Burnley are banking on the regulator using a more sophisticated way of looking at the market in the latter part of the probe. That methodology, used in the investigation into Tesco’s bid for Booker, would take into account the impact of a broader range of competitors, including discounters. The CMA also decides the inputs to the methodology groomsmen cufflinks and studs. “If you want to be interventionist there’s plenty of scope to do so in devising both your formula but also in some of the assumptions you feed into it,” said the competition lawyer..

The pledge to cut prices could also be problematic, if the regulator suspects they would come from smaller suppliers groomsmen cufflinks and studs. “There is no doubt whatsoever that 10 percent reduction won’t come from your Procter & Gamble, your Kellogg’s, your Coca-Cola; that will come from medium-sized to small-sized suppliers,” said the senior grocery industry executive. Three years ago Coupe himself told Reuters that a major supermarket deal was a bad idea. Since then he has become convinced an acquisition is the best way to survive the new climate, and has said he will go to court if any unfavorable ruling is not backed up by evidence..

LONDON (Reuters) – The European Central Bank holds its first meeting of the year on Thursday as concern grows about weak economic growth at home and risks abroad from global trade tensions and Brexit. Having ended its stimulus scheme in December, ECB chief Mario Draghi is likely to be pressed on how the central bank will address further economic weakness. Here are some of the key questions on the radar for markets. 1 groomsmen cufflinks and studs. Will the ECB change its assessment of the risks facing the economy?. A string of disappointing data, notably from powerhouse economy Germany, suggests a slowing of growth momentum is perhaps deeper than anticipated..

Draghi said last week the slowdown could last longer than expected and that the economy still needed support. But he added that the bloc was not heading for a recession. In December, the ECB tweaked its statement to reflect increased economic worries but kept a reference to balanced risks. Economists expect that wording to remain in place this week and add that a shift to say the balance of risks to growth points down is more likely in March, when the next set of economic forecasts are due. While some argue that the balance of risk assessment could be downgraded, if this was done, markets would look for a policy response and none will come groomsmen cufflinks and studs. So, the argument against changing the assessment is to keep expectations muted..

For an interactive version of the chart below, click here Graphic: German data disappoints – 2 groomsmen cufflinks and studs. What about the guidance that rates will stay on hold through the summer. Could that change?. No immediate change is expected this week, but the rate guidance is clearly in focus given weak data and concern about the impact of developments outside the bloc such as a Chinese slowdown and Brexit. A government shutdown could also hurt the U.S. economy, adding to global growth worries..

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Since the ECB last met, markets have reassessed the rates outlook for major central banks. Bets on U.S. rate hikes this year have been priced out. Euro zone money market pricing suggests investors do not expect the ECB to lift rates until well into 2020 how to wear cufflinks with blazer. In December, a 10 bps hike this year was anticipated. Economists have also shifted their views: ABN AMRO believes the ECB will signal that rates will be left on hold through 2019 by the June meeting. HSBC does not expect any change in the ECB’s deposit rate until at least the end of 2020..

Graphic: When will the ECB raise interest rates? 3. When does the ECB expect inflation to move higher?. Easing inflation complicates the ECB’s rate-hike plan how to wear cufflinks with blazer. Inflation in the bloc eased more than expected in December to 1.6 percent, moving away from the ECB’s just-under 2-percent target. Some comfort for the ECB, and perhaps something Draghi may focus on if questioned about inflation, is the pick-up in underlying price pressures as wage growth increases. A dip in euro zone inflation and growth was anticipated so it is not enough to unravel expectations of a rate hike, Sabine Lautenschlaeger, the most prominent hawk on the ECB Executive Board, said in an interview last week..

Graphic: Easing inflation complicates ECB’s rate hike plan – 4. Has the weak data encouraged the ECB to start discussing new multi-year loans to banks? how to wear cufflinks with blazer. Minutes from the ECB’s last meeting showed policymakers are likely to debate new multi-year loans to banks, a potent stimulus tool, in coming months as they navigate a “fragile and fluid” global context. Investors are keen for details on what a new set of loans to banks may look like. That means a question on new bank loans may come up at the press conference even if analysts say it’s still early days for the ECB to give any details..

The multi-year loans inject liquidity into the financial system by giving incentives to commercial banks to lend to companies and consumers. The previous four-year TLTROs expire in mid-2020 and lenders will need to start deciding about a year before their maturity on how to replace them. Graphic: Gap between euro corporate bond and benchmark government yields – 5. Is the ECB prepared for a no-deal Brexit? how to wear cufflinks with blazer. Britain’s March 29 deadline for leaving the European Union is fast approaching, but Prime Minister Theresa May’s exit deal has just suffered a resounding defeat in parliament..

While a high degree of uncertainty remains, concerns about the UK leaving the EU without a deal have eased how to wear cufflinks with blazer. Risk reversals in the British pound suggest currency markets are less worried about prospects of a no-deal Brexit. While the popular market gauge, which shows the ratio of calls to puts on a particular currency, still highlights caution, it has recovered from the extreme bearishness on the pound in November. The financial sector is prepared to cope with any fallout from a no-deal Brexit, the ECB’s Francois Villeroy de Galhau said last week..

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State Treasurer Ben Wyatt told reporters on Monday the underpayments added up to around A$200 million-A$300 million ($143 million-$215 million) covering 2004-2016. “The State Government is negotiating with BHP to resolve the matter in the best interests of the State,” Premier Mark McGowan’s office said in a statement. In its own statement, BHP said the Western Australia Mines Department had recently queried the historically accepted deductions for costs. “It is concerning that previously audited and accepted payments to the government are now being revisited and BHP is working with the Mines Department to resolve this matter,” it said creative cufflinks.

BEIJING (Reuters) – Growth in property investment in China cooled to the second slowest pace in 2018 in December, adding to signs of a further slackening in the real estate market in a blow to a key driver economic growth creative cufflinks. Real estate investment, which mainly focuses on the residential sector but includes commercial and office space, rose 8.2 percent in December from a year earlier, down from 9.3 percent in November, according to Reuters calculations based on data released by National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Monday..

That was just ahead of the slowest pace of growth last year at 7.7 percent recorded for October. For the full year, property investment increased 9.5 percent from the year-earlier period, down from 9.7 percent in January-November creative cufflinks. In December, property sales by floor area, a major indicator of demand, rose a touch by 0.9 percent from a year earlier, the first gain in four months and compared with November’s 5.1 percent drop. For 2018, property sales by area rose a modest 1.3 percent from a year earlier, official data showed..

Analysts say a continued downturn in sales on the back of tight government controls to curb speculation could add to the growing pressure on the world’s second-largest economy creative cufflinks. The real estate sector is a key pillar of the economy, so any further weakness in sales could influence the pace and scope of fresh stimulus measures expected from Beijing this year. Analysts predict the softer sales will constrain price growth in coming months, dampening developers’ appetite for front-loading construction..

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s primary aluminum output defied low prices to rise for a second straight month to a record high in December as falling alumina costs boosted margins, while 2018 annual output was also a record, official data showed on Monday creative cufflinks. The world’s top producer churned out more than 3 million tonnes in a month for the first time, undeterred by aluminum prices at two-year lows, the impact of the U.S.-China trade war and Beijing’s environmental crackdown. Production was likely spurred by new smelter openings late last year and higher utilization rates following a plunge in the cost of raw material alumina, said Helen Lau, an analyst at Argonaut Securities..

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A source familiar with Nissan’s thinking said the reported French proposal did not “make sense” given the two companies’ different cultures, Renault’s lower productivity and Nissan’s bigger contribution of key technology. “It’s a virtual merger, I don’t think it makes sense,” the source said, adding he had not heard directly of such a French proposal. Ghosn has asked a Tokyo District Court again to grant him bail after a request last week was denied, citing flight risk and concerns about evidence tampering cufflinks with initials india.

A decision is expected on Monday. Ghosn has offered to post stock he owns in the automaker as collateral, surrender his passports and submit to electronic tracking as part of a renewed effort to persuade a Tokyo court to grant him bail while he awaits trial on charges of financial misconduct, a spokeswoman for the car executive said. Any bail must be paid in cash cufflinks with initials india. Ghosn spearheaded Nissan’s turnaround two decades ago, and his arrest has jolted the auto industry, while muddying the outlook for Nissan’s three-way alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors Corp..

Renault, which dominates the partnership through its 43.4 percent stake in Nissan, is expected to meet within days to consider potential candidates to replace Ghosn as chief executive officer and chairman. The co-chair of a committee set up by Nissan to examine the root cause of Ghosn’s alleged financial misconduct and propose corporate governance reforms said on Sunday he believed Ghosn may have had questionable ethical standards cufflinks with initials india. “Having read the report on the internal investigation, my initial impression was that the head of the company may have had questionable ethical standards,” committee co-chair Seiichiro Nishioka told a briefing late on Sunday after the panel held its first meeting..

(Reuters) – GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK.L) Chairman Philip Hampton will step down after more than three and a half years in the role, as Britain’s biggest drugmaker prepares to split its business into two cufflinks with initials india. The announcement comes a month after GSK’s Chief Executive Emma Walmsley announced her boldest plans yet – to split the company into two businesses — one for prescription drugs and vaccines, the other for over-the-counter products. Walmsley, who took the helm in 2017, announced in December that GSK and Pfizer (PFE.N) would combine their consumer health businesses in a joint venture with sales of 9.8 billion pounds ($12.7 billion), 68 percent-owned by the British company, in an all-equity transaction..

“Following the announcement of our deal with Pfizer and the intended separation of the new consumer business, I believe this is the right moment to step down and allow a new Chair to oversee this process through to its conclusion over the next few years,” Hampton said in a statement. Hampton, aged 65, was paid a sum of 700,000 pounds ($900,550), of which he elected to take 25 percent in GSK shares, according to the company’s 2017 annual report. He took the top job at GSK at a testing time – just after a profit warning in 2014 due to weak sales of its core respiratory drugs cufflinks with initials india.

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“I think Japan’s never really recovered from Fukushima, there was such a violation of trust when that happened,” said Edelman, referring to the authorities’ botched response to a massive nuclear accident in 2011. Signs of slowing global demand and a sharp rise in the yen have clouded the outlook for Japan’s export-reliant economy, and the government plans tax hikes to pay for ballooning healthcare costs for its rapidly ageing population. “The problem for the three (European) countries.. is that given the reality of the potentially diminished economic future, there is deep anger in advance,” Edelman said black onyx cufflinks gold.

In France, what started as a grassroots rebellion by low-paid workers to protest taxes on diesel fuel and a squeeze on household incomes has morphed into an assault on President Emmanuel Macron and his reforms, seen by the protesters as favoring the wealthy. And in Britain, the Brexit crisis intensified last week after Prime Minister Theresa May’s two-year attempt to forge an amicable divorce from the European Union was crushed by parliament in the biggest defeat for a British leader in modern history black onyx cufflinks gold.

The survey found that while only 49 percent of the wider population trusted institutions such as governments, this figure rose to 65 percent among high-income, college-educated and well-informed people – the biggest gap since the research began 19 years ago. Despite widespread distrust of the media, uncertainty about the future has led to a sharp jump in people’s consumption and sharing of news and information, up 22 percentage points in a year to 72 percent. But more than 70 percent said they worry about false information or fake news being used as a weapon black onyx cufflinks gold.

TOKYO (Reuters) – Nissan CEO Hirota Saikawa said on Monday that he had not heard directly about a reported French proposal to integrate the Japanese carmaker’s management with Renault, adding that it was not the time to discuss revising the partners’ capital ties. The Nikkei newspaper reported on Sunday that a French government delegation had informed Tokyo that it would seek an integration of Renault SA and Nissan, most likely under the umbrella of a single holding company black onyx cufflinks gold. “Since I have not heard this directly, I cannot comment,” Saikawa told reporters..

Asked about future capital ties, he said: “We are not at the stage for such discussions.” black onyx cufflinks gold. Japanese public broadcaster NHK quoted French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire as telling journalists that an integration proposal was “not on the table now”. The fresh reports of closer integration come as ousted Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn remains in detention following his Nov. 19 arrest and subsequent charges of financial misconduct, which he has denied. Ghosn, under pressure from the French government, had pushed for a deeper tie-up between the two carmakers, including possibly a full merger, despite strong reservations at Nissan..

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Rivals and suppliers have made a raft of submissions to the regulator opposing the deal louis vuitton cufflinks. Some analysts also drew negative inference from Sainsbury’s and Asda’s pre-Christmas clash with the CMA over its refusal to give them more time to respond to evidence, a row that went to court. And some of the CMA’s recent dealings have pointed to more intervention following a period where the perception was of a more hands-off approach. That perception was underscored by its unconditional clearance of Tesco’s (TSCO.L) takeover of wholesaler Booker in 2017, a decision that confounded most expectations..

But last year, the CMA indicated it may block credit data company Experian’s takeover of rival ClearScore, and took PayPal’s $2.2 billion takeover of Swedish financial tech firm iZettle to an extended probe. “There’s a real sense with Tyrie’s arrival the CMA want to prove that they’ve got teeth,” said one competition lawyer, who declined to be named. “They can block it by asking for a disproportionately large number of stores being divested.” louis vuitton cufflinks.

The CMA declined to comment. Since Coupe became CEO in 2014, Sainsbury’s has reported just one year of profit growth. Subject to required store disposals, the combined group would become Britain’s biggest retailer, leapfrogging Tesco with a market share of more than 31 percent and a workforce of 330,000 louis vuitton cufflinks. Tesco has 27.8 percent, Sainsbury’s 16.2 percent, Asda 15.2 percent and Morrisons 10.6 percent, according to data from researcher Kantar Worldpanel. German-owned discount groups Aldi and Lidl, with a total UK grocery market share of 12.8 percent, will be included in the CMA’s assessment..

If the regulator considers them powerful enough to prevent the merged group from hiking prices, that would work in favor of the acquisition. But the CMA must decide whether Aldi or Lidl stores provide the same competition as Tesco or Morrisons stores do louis vuitton cufflinks. “If the discounters are excluded (not considered mainstream competitors) then Sainsbury’s and Asda have got a real difficulty,” said a senior UK grocery industry executive, who asked not to be named. Sainsbury’s and Asda argue the discounters have an influence on how supermarkets of any size trade..

“For Aldi not to be a consideration in the market would be insane on the basis they’ve got a bigger own-brand business than we do,” said one Sainsbury’s insider louis vuitton cufflinks. While discounters have won market share from the big four grocers, they differ by operating smaller stores and selling a limited range of products versus the big four, for example. The CMA’s initial investigation identified 463 local areas where Sainsbury’s and Asda stores overlap, which, it said, threatened higher prices or a worse quality of service..

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The Briton was tasked with helping steer the drugmaker back to sustainable growth. Shares of GSK have, however, remained flat after peaking about 17 percent during his tenure. They were little changed in early trading on Monday. GSK, whose consumer products include Sensodyne toothpaste and Panadol painkillers, has lagged rivals in recent years in producing multibillion-dollar blockbusters and it largely sat out a spate of dealmaking by rivals under previous CEO Andrew Witty types of cufflinks. Seeking to reassure investors of its financial strength, GSK extended its guarantee on the dividend by stating it expected to pay unchanged dividends of 80 pence per share for 2019..

LONDON (Reuters) – Shortly after last year’s announcement of a $9.4 billion deal to combine the Sainsbury’s (SBRY.L) supermarket group that he runs with rival Asda, boss Mike Coupe was caught on camera singing “We’re in the money”. Not so fast, some competition lawyers, analysts and rivals warn, ahead of a provisional regulatory ruling due in the coming weeks on a deal that could create Britain’s largest retailer, with annual sales of about 51 billion pounds ($66 billion) types of cufflinks.

Recent decisions by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) suggest it won’t shy away from intervention, they say, and some conditions it could apply may prove too costly to make a deal worthwhile. Coupe and Roger Burnley, chief executive of Walmart (WMT.N) owned Asda, have said they do not expect the CMA to make the deal unpalatable types of cufflinks. The regulator is due to publish its final report in early March, although it could be delayed until the end of April. Sainsbury’s and Asda say they will lower prices on “everyday items” by around 10 percent, financed by cost savings from big multi-national suppliers..

Others have doubts. “Other than Sainsbury’s and Asda, it is hard to think of anyone involved in the industry that is publicly stating this takeover is not against the public interest,” said HSBC analyst David McCarthy types of cufflinks. He believes the CMA will not pass the deal without substantial conditions, and that it could even be blocked in its entirety. Failure to secure the takeover would deal a major blow to Sainsbury’s efforts to prosper in the face of growing competition from discounters and online players, and would block one potential exit route from Britain for Walmart..

The key factor in the decision is whether the CMA, led by former lawmaker Andrew Tyrie since last June, rules the retailers must sell some of their combined 2,800 stores to protect competition in areas where they overlap types of cufflinks. Both companies have declined to say how many forced store disposals would make the deal unattractive. But a source with knowledge of the two firms’ thinking told Reuters a figure “into the hundreds” could scupper it. Even if a deal is cleared, finding buyers for large stores in an industry increasingly moving online and to smaller convenience shops will not be easy..