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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear an appeal filed by a subsidiary of chipmaker Broadcom Inc (AVGO.O) seeking to put an end to a shareholder lawsuit concerning its 2015 acquisition of Emulex Corp. The legal question, which could affect other cases, is whether under the Securities and Exchange Act shareholders need to show intent to defraud when suing a company over statements made during the merger and acquisition process cufflinks styleforum. Avago Technologies Wireless Manufacturing, which later merged with Broadcom, paid almost $610 million to acquire Emulex Corp in 2015. Emulex made equipment for data centers such as chips and routers..

Gary Varjabedian, an Emulex shareholder, filed a securities class action lawsuit in federal court in California around the time of the deal seeking to prevent it. The move failed, but Varjabedian amended his lawsuit to include a claim that Emulex had failed to disclose data about other transactions between semiconductor companies when urging shareholders to accept the offer cufflinks styleforum. The plaintiffs have said they were misled into accepting a deal that may not have valued Emulex’s shares highly enough..

A district court judge in 2016 dismissed the claim, finding that the plaintiffs had failed to show proof of intent, known in legal parlance as “scienter.”. But in an April 2018 ruling, the San Francisco-based 9th U.S cufflinks styleforum. Circuit Court of Appeals revived the litigation by ruling that the plaintiffs were not required to show intent. Instead, the court said, only a showing of negligence was required. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce business group urged the court to take the case, saying that shareholders have no right to make such claims, whether or not there is proof of intent..

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Marriott International Inc (MAR.O) said on Friday that fewer than 383 million customer records were stolen in a massive cyber attack disclosed last month, down from its initial estimate that up to 500 million guests were affected. The hotel operator also said that some 25.55 million passport numbers were stolen in the attack on the Starwood Hotels reservation system, 5.25 million of which were stored in plain text. Another 8.6 million encrypted payment cards were also taken in the attack, it said cufflinks styleforum.

Marriott previously confirmed that passport numbers and payment cards were taken, but not said how many. The company disclosed on Nov. 30 that it had discovered its Starwood hotels reservation database had been hacked over a four-year period in one of the largest breaches in history. At least five U.S cufflinks styleforum. states and the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office are investigating the attack. Marriott also said that it had completed an effort to phase out the Starwood reservations database that it acquired in September 2016 with its $13.6 billion purchase of Starwood. The hack began in 2014, a year before Marriott offered to buy Starwood..

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BOB SMITH, PRESIDENT, SAGE ADVISORY SERVICES LTD CO, AUSTIN. “It doesn’t change anything to sit there and say ‘I’m flexible’ and ‘we’re going to be flexible.’ What the world is trying to figure out is what does that mean if you’re going to talk about it in terms of rates that’s one thing best cufflinks in india. If you’re going to talk about it in terms of leverage and unwinding the balance sheet that’s another thing and the important thing.”..

“We’ve been in the position of fading the rallies. … We’re still very suspect best cufflinks in india. We’re cautious.”. “It’s not that he’s changed his message from the FOMC, but that he explained it more patiently and in greater detail.”. “In the FOMC statement and in the post meeting press conference he thought it was sufficient just to say that a couple of changes in the statement was enough to indicate uncertainty on the future path of the funds rate and really it was not taken that way.”..

“It was really I think a miscommunication best cufflinks in india. And I think it was a series of miscommunications that he’d had since early October. And so I thought it was interesting that he came out with, not a prepared statement, but what appeared to be several cheat sheets to ensure that he hit the points that he wanted to and didn’t miss any in a way that he had prepared, so that the message he was sending would be more clearly heard.”. “This is better than having an uncertain economy and a Fed that was interpreted as leaning hawkish. But I don’t know if it sufficient just because he was able to put pen to paper and say stuff that he meant to say in December.”..

RANDY FREDERICK, VICE PRESIDENT OF TRADING AND DERIVATIVES FOR CHARLES SCHWAB IN AUSTIN, TEXAS. “His (Powell’s) comments are being interpreted as dovish. The things he said today, are leading traders, investors to believe that the Fed is willing to potentially change their projections for rate hikes this year.” best cufflinks in india. “What we have seen in the past is that the markets seem to be dictating the Fed’s next moves and that is how the markets are looking at it right now.”..

“At the moment, the (stock) markets are interpreting the speech in a way that it reduces the likelihood of future interest rate hikes.”. “What did change was the probability of a rate cut happening this year which was also something the markets had been pricing in, which dropped to 30 percent from 50 percent. This shows that the markets want to move towards a neutral rate.”. JACK ABLIN, CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER, CRESSET WEALTH ADVISORS, CHICAGO. “That’s just reiterating the law he lay down in December. The inference is that he’s not going to come to the rescue of the market either because he doesn’t want to or because the Fed doesn’t have the wherewithal.” best cufflinks in india.

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The Fed’s tightening cycle includes both rate hikes and the gradual shedding of its more than $4 trillion in assets. Powell said he did not think the latter was having much impact on markets, but that the strategy would be changed if it started interfering with the bank’s broader goals of maintaining strong employment and stable inflation. While not a change in policy, it was a nod to market concerns that the Fed had a key decision on “auto-pilot,” as Powell put it last month, even as it pledged to be dependent on economic data best cufflinks 2019.

(Reuters) – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Friday moved to mollify financial markets concerned about a U.S. economic slowdown, saying that while momentum is solid, the U.S. central bank will be sensitive to the downside risks the market is pricing in. Powell also said he would not quit if asked to resign by President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly chastised the Fed for its interest rate hikes best cufflinks 2019. STOCKS: Major indexes are at the day’s high, up between 3.0 percent and 3.8 percent..

BONDS: 2- US2YT=RR and 10-year US10YT=RR Treasury yields jump to session highs, fully retracting the previous session’s big declines. FOREX: The dollar index .DXY gives back all of its gains from the payrolls report, with the greenback weaker against both euro EUR= and yen JPY=. RATE FUTURES: Fed funds contract for January 2020 FFF0 drop further, retracing about two-thirds of the previous day’s gains. THOMAS SIMONS, MONEY MARKET ECONOMIST, JEFFERIES & CO, NEW YORK. “I think that there were two things that Powell really needed to do with the speech today. It was important to address threats to the Fed’s independence coming from the administration. I think he did that very effectively best cufflinks 2019. He said they’re going to do what they believe is appropriate regardless of input from anyone else.”..

“To that end I think it was very important that he clarified a point they attempted to send in the Dec 19 policy statement best cufflinks 2019. Which is that if you look at the summary of economic projections, the dots suggest a lower trajectory of rate hikes for 2019.”. “But the market and a lot of commenters in the media were focused on the fact that they had raised rates though there had been weaker inflation and weaker stocks going into that meeting. I think that lead to inappropriate expectations that the Fed would blindly continue to raise rates in the face of weakening economic conditions. He was effective in saying today that would not be the case.”..

:And most importantly, acknowledging the fact that inflation has fallen a little short of the dual mandate expectations is almost a back door signal that they’re going to be slowing rate hikes in the near future.”. TOM DI GALOMA, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SEAPORT GLOBAL HOLDINGS, NEW YORK. “Powell’s statement that the Fed is always prepared to shift stance of policy is truly defining moment for equity market bounce. There is great relief that Powell has pulled back on his hawkish rhetoric and is a bit more conciliatory. He is a more flexible in his views and this in turn has taken pressure off the equity markets generally.” best cufflinks 2019.

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The Fed chief stressed that the economy remained on track and that the job market was quite strong. He did not address Fed forecasts from December that sketched out two more rate rises this year, but, combined with the messages of Fed presidents who in recent days downplayed that tightening plan, he delivered the sort of temperate message investors had hoped to hear cufflinks without jacket. “We really need to be looking at the data and having the economy tell us, do we need to move more? Do we need to move more, faster? Can we wait?,” Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta Mester said in an interview with Reuters. “We should take our time and assess .. We may be where we need to be.”..

Her comments, from a sometimes hawkish Fed official, highlighted the change in tone at a central bank that, after two years of roughly quarterly rate increases, was now assessing the risks of going too far. Following Powell’s remarks, Treasury yields rose and futures traders began pricing in a small chance of a rate hike this year, versus no chance seen before Powell began speaking. Compared to comments he made after the Fed raised rates last month, “it’s not that he’s changed his message .. but that he explained it more patiently and in greater detail,” said Lou Brien, market strategist at DRW Trading in Chicago cufflinks without jacket.

Powell’s appearance in Atlanta was his first since last month’s rate increase and a public lashing from Trump, who according to sources asked aides about his power to fire the Fed chairman. The head of the Fed, once confirmed by the Senate, can only be removed “for cause”, not a policy disagreement. Powell responded with a terse “No” when asked if he would resign if Trump requested him to do so cufflinks without jacket. The recent market turbulence has posed a dilemma for the Fed, as a seeming loss of confidence in financial markets about the U.S. economy’s prospects was offset by upbeat data from the real economy, including a strong December jobs report..

The Labor Department reported on Friday that 312,000 jobs were created last month, well above market expectations. Wages and labor force participation both rose, signaling sustained economic strength. Powell called the jobs report “very strong,” with U.S. data “on track to sustain good momentum into the new year.”. The world’s biggest economy expanded well above potential last year and, along with U.S cufflinks without jacket. consumers, is expected to remain strong through this year. Yet signs are growing that Trump’s tit-for-tat trade war with China is taking a toll: this week, tech giant Apple and grains trader Cargill warned about weaker sales in China..

Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said on Thursday that planned rate hikes should be halted for now, while on Friday Mester said she sees only one or two rate hikes this year cufflinks without jacket. A third Fed president, Thomas Barkin of Richmond, said he is hearing more concerns about economic risks and trade. “The markets are feeling better that the Fed is not strangling the overall economy and perhaps forcing it into a recession, and that removes a monetary policy concern that has been hanging over the market for the past few months,” said Robert Pavlik, chief investment strategist and senior portfolio manager at SlateStone Wealth LLC..

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“The market’s been grappling with growth, the Fed and China,” said Tony Roth, chief investment officer at Wilmington Trust in Wilmington, Delaware. “Those have been addressed today in a direct way.”. Keeping with Friday’s risk-on theme, oil prices rose in tandem with equities. Brent crude LCOc1 futures rose $1.11 to settle at $57.06 a barrel, a 1.98 percent gain. U.S. crude CLc1 futures settled 87 cents higher at $47.96 a barrel, a 1.85 percent gain cufflink box. Safe-haven assets retreated. Treasury yields rose sharply, and the dollar gained 0.8 percent against the yen. Spot gold prices, which reached a six-month peak on Thursday, dropped 0.7 percent..

“Longer-term bonds have sold off here today in price,” said Tim Ghriskey, chief investment officer at Inverness Counsel in New York cufflink box. “There aren’t signs of significant economic weakness.”. Powell’s dovish comments pushed down the dollar index .DXY, which gave up earlier gains and last traded down 0.1 percent. The euro EUR= was little changed. In U.S. equities, the Dow Jones Industrial Average .DJI rose 746.94 points, or 3.29 percent, to 23,433.16, the S&P 500 .SPX gained 84.05 points, or 3.43 percent, to 2,531.94 and the Nasdaq Composite .IXIC added 275.35 points, or 4.26 percent, to 6,738.86..

ATLANTA/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Friday sought to ease market concerns that the U.S cufflink box. central bank was ignoring signs of an economic slowdown, saying he was aware of the risks and would be patient and flexible in policy decisions this year. Speaking after months of volatility in world bond and stock markets, Powell avoided some of the communication missteps that in the past have roiled rather than calmed investors. He also pledged to stay in his job even if asked to quit by President Donald Trump, who has been critical of him..

Echoing a more sympathetic tone recently espoused by some of his colleagues, Powell said the Fed was “listening” to markets and would balance the steady flow of strong economic data against the array of risks – from slowing global growth to worries about the U.S.-China trade war – that have spooked investors. The message was heard on Wall Street, where major stock indexes surged about 3.5 percent to a more than two-week high. The market bounce came after a volatile December selloff in which traders grew increasingly skeptical of the Fed’s upbeat forecasts and plans to keep hiking interest rates in 2019 cufflink box.

“Particularly with the muted inflation readings that we’ve seen coming in, we will be patient as we watch to see how the economy evolves,” Powell told the American Economic Association in Atlanta. The Fed, which hiked benchmark U.S. interest rates four times last year including in December, is however not on a preset path and could pause policy tightening as it did in 2016 when global growth concerns led to doubts about the U.S. economic recovery, he said cufflink box. “We are always prepared to shift the stance of policy and to shift it significantly” if needed, Powell said, speaking on a panel alongside former Fed chiefs Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke. That flexibility, he added, applied as well to the monthly reductions to the Fed’s balance sheet..

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“The board is actively assessing PG&E’s operations, finances, management, structure, and governance,” the company said. The company said it has formed a special board committee that includes independent experts to advise on wildfire safety best practices. Earlier last month, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) opened a proceeding to consider penalties against the company, ordering immediate action against the utility for falsifying safety documents for natural gas pipelines customised cufflinks india.

LONDON (Reuters) – The earnings of Britain’s top bosses will match a typical worker’s entire annual salary even faster than last year, hitting the mark by Friday lunchtime, a report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and High Pay Centre said. The widening pay gap comes despite pressure from leading investors for excessive pay to be reined in and after several high-profile revolts at company annual meetings in 2018, most notably at Persimmon (PSN.L). Median pay for a FTSE 100 .FTSE CEO in 2017, the most recently disclosed data, was 3.9 million pounds ($4.9 million), the report said, up 11 percent from the previous year. Average full-time worker pay in 2018 was 29,574 pounds a year, it added customised cufflinks india.

“Excessive executive pay represents a massive corporate governance failure and is a barrier to a fairer economy,” said Luke Hildyard, director of the High Pay Centre, a independent think-tank. Many companies say high executive pay levels are needed to recruit and retain the best talent to oversee corporate strategy and drive shareholder returns through higher share prices, to which bonuses are linked. Dubbing the day when CEO pay passes that of the average worker as “Fat Cat Friday” was unhelpful, said the Institute of Directors, which represents company executives customised cufflinks india.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Equities around the globe rallied on Friday while bond yields rose after sharply declining earlier in the week as U.S. employment data pointed to economic strength and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the U.S. central bank would be patient with monetary policy customised cufflinks india. U.S. and European stocks got a boost as the stronger-than-expected jobs report soothed some concerns of slowing economic growth. That was welcome news to investors after sharp declines on Thursday following Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) cut in its revenue forecast..

Stocks surged further, with Wall Street up more than 3 percent, after Powell said policymakers were paying attention to market activity and would be flexible in deciding future interest rate hikes and reducing the Fed’s balance sheet. He also said that he would not resign if asked to do so by U.S. President Donald Trump customised cufflinks india. Powell’s comments alleviated some worries that the Fed’s course of monetary tightening may be too aggressive in the event of an economic slowdown. Earlier, stock markets were buoyed by news that China and the United States will hold trade talks in Beijing on Monday and Tuesday..

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Executives from both carmakers – including Renault General Secretary Mouna Sepehri, who oversees communications with the board – had looked at least twice at legal ways to pay Ghosn undisclosed income through RNBV or other shared finances, Reuters revealed last month. Those two efforts were ultimately abandoned. Immediately after Ghosn’s Nov personalized cufflinks and tie clip set. 19 arrest, however, Nissan told Renault privately it was extending its internal investigation to cover their Dutch-registered alliance holdings. Ghosn will make his first public appearance in seven weeks at a Tokyo court on Tuesday after he requested an open hearing for an explanation on his continued detention..

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Mercedes-Benz’s is not aiming to be the first manufacturer to develop a self-driving car but it wants to be among the first two players able to scale up the technology, Mercedes-Benz executive Christoph Schroeder told German paper Welt am Sonntag. Carmakers and tech companies like Uber [UBER.UL], Google, General Motors, Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) are vying to roll out robotaxi services for paying customers as a way to enter the ride-hailing business. Google’s Waymo division has completed the most test miles with prototype vehicles, leading rivals including Volkswagen to acknowledge that Waymo is ahead of the pack in terms of developing a prototype personalized cufflinks and tie clip set.

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean drugmaker Celltrion Inc (068270.KS) aims to set up a joint venture in China within the first half of this year, and begin selling products in the country next year, its chairman said on Sunday. “Since last year, we’ve been pushing on with a plan to set up a joint venture in China,” Chairman Seo Jung Jin told reporters. The firm has been in talks with several Chinese companies, he said, declining to elaborate personalized cufflinks and tie clip set. Celltrion sells drugs known as biosimilars, mainly to Europe and the United States..

(Reuters) – PG&E Corp (PCG.N), the electricity provider in the northern California region ravaged by a deadly wildfire, said it was searching for new directors at its holding company and its utility subsidiary Pacific Gas and Electric Co. The fire broke out on the morning of Nov personalized cufflinks and tie clip set. 8 near the Northern California mountain community of Paradise, sweeping through the town and killing at least 86 people in the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in state history. PG&E had reported equipment problems near the origin of the fire around the time it began..

PG&E faces billions of dollars of potential liabilities related to the wildfires if an investigation determines its equipment caused them. PG&E, whose shares have lost nearly half of their value since the wildfire, said it is working with a leading search firm to identify new directors and is interviewing several candidates. A company spokeswoman said no decision has been made on whether to increase the size of the board or to replace existing members personalized cufflinks and tie clip set. PG&E said it is reviewing structural options to implement necessary changes while meeting customer and operational needs..

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Some Western governments have accused China of pulling countries into a debt trap with the initiative, an accusation China has denied. China was seen by 73 percent of the respondents as having the greatest economic influence in the region and was also believed to have more influence politically and strategically than the United States. Six out of ten respondents said U.S. influence globally had deteriorated from a year ago and two-thirds believed U.S. engagement with Southeast Asia declined. About a third said they had little or no confidence in the U.S formal cufflinks. as a strategic partner and provider of regional security..

Fewer than one in 10 saw China as “a benign and benevolent power,” with nearly a half saying Beijing possessed “an intent to turn Southeast Asia into its sphere of influence”. The study’s authors wrote, “This result .. is a wake-up call for China to burnish its negative image across Southeast Asia despite Beijing’s repeated assurance of its benign and peaceful rise.” formal cufflinks. There was a call for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to play a more active role in Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis, although a majority of the respondents sought mediation rather than diplomatic pressure..

PARIS (Reuters) – The French government has told Renault (RENA.PA) to provide more details on compensation paid to senior executives via a Dutch holding company jointly owned with alliance partner Nissan, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Sunday. Le Maire made the demand after France’s CGT trade Union voiced concerns over payments made to certain high-ranking executives via the alliance’s Renault-Nissan BV (RNBV) Dutch venture and called for more transparency at the carmaker formal cufflinks. Corporate governance inside the alliance has come under tight scrutiny after Japanese authorities arrested its chairman Carlos Ghosn in mid November on suspicion of under-reporting his income at Nissan (7201.T)..

The French state is Renault’s biggest shareholder. Le Maire told CNews television that the government had written to Renault’s leadership to “request all details necessary for full transparency on these compensation payments”. “I want to know who these payments were made to, if they were declared and therefore whether .. the Renault board was aware of them.”. A Renault spokesman did not immediately return calls and messages seeking comment formal cufflinks. The Ghosn affair, sparked by a Nissan internal investigation, has rocked the auto industry, strained Nissan’s ties with Renault and complicated diplomatic relations between Japan and the France..

A one-time titan of the auto industry, Ghosn, who has since been ousted as Nissan chairman, is also accused of aggravated breach of trust in transferring personal investment losses to Nissan. Ghosn denies all the charges against him. Renault board members including the French state’s representatives have yet to be given full access to Nissan’s findings against Ghosn, which have been shared with Renault’s lawyers. The restrictions are justified by judicial confidentiality, the company has said formal cufflinks.

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She has been increasing her stakes in South Africa, Thailand and Peru, she said, with the largest positions in companies such as South African life insurance company Sanlam Ltd (SLMJ.J) and Credicorp Ltd (BAP.N), Peru’s largest financial holding company novel cufflinks. Shares of Credicorp are up 8.8 percent over the last 12 months, while shares of Sanlam are down 3.9 percent over the same time. Perez-Coutts has been underweight China since the start of last year, though she is starting to wade back in by buying shares in gaming and e-commerce companies that have plunged..

“Though China’s overall economy may not be growing as strongly as it did in the past, there are still areas of strong growth,” she said. Joe Gubler, a quantitative portfolio manager at Causeway Capital Management, says emerging markets remain a compelling opportunity with a forward price-to-earnings ratio of approximately 10 even after the recent declines in the U.S. market have pushed the forward price-to-earnings ratio of the S&P 500 to slightly below 15 for the first time in about 5 years novel cufflinks.

As a result, Gubler has been increasing his positions in small-cap companies in India, as well as energy companies that have sold off as the price of oil has tanked. He has also been increasing his position in companies that could benefit if there is a breakthrough in global trade talks. “The market is not in a mood to give emerging market stocks much credit,” he said. “If you look at the chart, the emerging market index is sitting at about the same place it was in 2009 novel cufflinks. “If you had a let-up in trade and interest rates, you could see a decent-sized rally.”..

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Southeast Asian countries should be cautious in negotiating with China on its flagship Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to avoid being trapped in unsustainable debt, 70 percent of respondents said in a policy survey released on Monday novel cufflinks. Southeast Asia is increasingly skeptical of U.S. commitment to the region as a strategic partner and a source of security, while China’s reach is seen as growing both politically and economically, the study also showed. “The conventional wisdom that China holds sway in the economic realm while the United States wields its influence in the political-strategic domain will .. need to be revisited in light of the survey results,” it said..

The survey by the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, affiliated with the Singapore government, polled 1,008 respondents from all ten nations of the ASEAN grouping, drawn from government, academic and business communities, civil society and the media. Nearly half of the respondents said President Xi Jinping’s hallmark Belt and Road initiative would bring ASEAN “closer into China’s orbit,” while a third said the project lacked transparency and 16 percent predicted it would fail. A large majority, or 70 percent, said their governments “should be cautious in negotiating BRI projects, to avoid getting into unsustainable financial debts with China,” a view strongest in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand novel cufflinks.

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Samsung’s profit is expected to decline through 2019 as the weakness persists, Refinitiv data showed. Prices for DRAM chips, which provide devices with temporary workspaces and allow them to multitask, declined 10 percent in the fourth quarter, according to industry tracker DRAMeXchange. Prices of NAND flash memory chips, which hold data permanently, slipped 15 percent. DRAMeXchange anticipates memory chip prices to fall 10 percent on an average in the first quarter. ($1 = 1,122.3700 won) engraved cufflinks tiffany.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – After emerging market stocks led global equity markets lower in a brutal 2018, some U.S.-based fund managers are betting that the asset class may have the largest rebound in the new year. It may not look likely at the moment, given that an economic downturn in China prompted iPhone-maker Apple Inc (AAPL.O) to lower its quarterly revenue forecast on Wednesday for the first time in a decade. Its shares slumped nearly 10 percent after Chief Executive Tim Cook blamed the U.S.-China trade war and “economic deceleration,” prompting broad selloffs around the world the following day engraved cufflinks tiffany.

Yet fund managers from Westwood Holdings Group, GMO, T. Rowe Price and Causeway Capital Management are among those who are betting that emerging market stocks will post outsized gains in 2019 engraved cufflinks tiffany. They cite a combination of compelling valuations and a likely decline in the value of the dollar that will help accelerate economic growth. As China continues to bear the brunt of U.S. President Donald Trump’s focus on trade tariffs, fund managers are expecting that shares in countries like India, Thailand, Peru, and Brazil will outperform the China-dominated emerging market benchmark index..

“We want to lean into the fear in the markets,” said Sebastien Page, head of asset allocation at T. Rowe Price. He expects emerging markets will outperform in the year ahead as the Federal Reserve curtails its pace of interest rate hikes and the dollar subsides. “When you have a recovery in risk assets, those that have been undervalued can snap back the most,” he said engraved cufflinks tiffany. Emerging markets have been in a bear market since September, placing them already four months into the deep declines that rocked the U.S. equities market in December. The average bear market in emerging markets has lasted 220 days and posted a decline of 32.4 percent, or about 7 percentage points more than the roughly 25 percent drop in the MSCI Emerging Market Index since it hit near-record highs last January, according to data from Ned Davis Research..

While emerging markets started the year with another roughly 1.7 percent loss over the first two trading sessions, fund managers say they are increasing their bets on stocks in countries that are among the most beaten-down, expecting they will have the largest rebound if and when a global bull market in equities resumes. “I’m actually a lot more positive than this time last year because there are tremendous opportunities to add to high-quality names in insurance and some banks,” said Patricia Perez-Coutts, portfolio manager of the Westwood Emerging Markets fund engraved cufflinks tiffany.