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Pearson and Penna have been suspects in the investigation since at least 2014¬†for their role in cum-ex trading, according to court documents mens gold cufflinks. The Freshfields audits say the two traders were aware the prime brokerage services were being used to help other companies carry out cum-ex deals. The reports highlighted the role of the traders but also pointed to failures of the bank’s internal controls as well as lapses of “managers” in the global financial markets division. The April 16 report said that the bank’s controls over the trading desk headed by Pearson were too weak and this was a “serious shortcoming”..

That criticism about oversight is leveled at management generally but it does briefly single out one individual. “Richard Carson was most directly responsible for this shortcoming as the direct supervisor of the manager of the trading desk,” the report said. Carson has since left Deutsche Bank. In an email to Reuters he said: “I have not seen, nor have been provided with any copies of the reports you mention in your communication. I would not accept that there was any failings on my part.” The report did not implicate him further in the cum-ex scheme mens gold cufflinks.

Pearson did not respond to multiple emails sent to him at his new company in Gibraltar mens gold cufflinks. Reuters also contacted his spokeswoman by email, who did not respond. Penna did not respond to a letter requesting comment sent to his home in London. A person involved in the case gave Reuters the name of a lawyer he said represented Pearson and Penna. Reuters contacted the lawyer who would not confirm that he represented either, citing client confidentiality. According to one of the Freshfields reports dated Nov 28, 2013, Deutsche lent shares to Seriva, a client involved in cum-ex, via a chain of brokers in 2008..

Deutsche issued Seriva with 5.8 million euros of withholding tax certificates, allowing Seriva to make claims for tax rebates. Freshfields said in the report that staff at Deutsche and Seriva were aware that no withholding tax had been levied. The tax certificates existed until 2017, when Deutsche Bank canceled them, two people with knowledge of the matter said. “Seriva obtained withholding tax certificates from DB Frankfurt,” the report said, adding later: “Employees of DB London mens gold cufflinks. knew that no withholding taxes had been levied.”..

Seriva’s manager, who asked not to be named, said that the company had received no rebates because of the investigation by tax authorities. He declined to comment further. Reuters also contacted Josef Schucker, a person named in the Freshfields audit as the sole investor in Seriva. Reuters received no response to two emails sent to his company. The Deutsche Bank spokesman declined to comment on Seriva mens gold cufflinks. Deutsche also provided funding and acquired shares to help a company called Ballance carry out cum-ex deals multiple times between 2009 and 2011, the Freshfields documents say..