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DATA BRINGS TIE-INS cufflink shirt with blazer. Potential uses go way beyond mere tracking of a driver’s gaze. The future of the technology rests in deciphering what a vehicle occupant wants, then fusing that with other technologies in order to create a more personalized ride. “The more you know about the user, the more you’re able to fulfill his or her needs,” said Eric Montague, senior director of strategy for Nuance Automotive. Nuance’s connected car platform mixes eye-tracking technology, voice recognition and even emotion analysis, from a company called Affectiva..

Analysis from driver monitoring technology could help turn on the heat, lower the seat or play a certain kind of music when a particular occupant enters the car. If a passenger looks toward the dashboard, a certain control could light up to help anticipate a need. Carmakers could gather anonymized data and sell it. A billboard advertiser might be eager to know how many commuters look at his sign, Ramsey said. Tracking the gaze of a passenger toward a store or restaurant could, fused with mapping and other software, result in a discount offered to that person cufflink shirt with blazer.

Companies say automakers will decide how the metadata is used, but consumers will be able to opt out. Some still see interior cameras as a bad idea, however. Vayyar uses radar that tracks head movements without cameras. Cars are still considered private zones, said CEO and cofounder Raviv Melamed, who pointed to how many people perform personal tasks in their cars cufflink shirt with blazer. “They think they’re in their own living room, they behave like they’re not outside! It’s obvious no one wants a camera,” Melamed said..

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Chinese conglomerate HNA Group [HNAIRC.UL] on Wednesday said it had sold a majority stake in a Manhattan building in a $422 million deal, the latest in a slew of asset disposals undertaken by the group to ease an intensifying cash crunch cufflink shirt with blazer. HNA did not give details of the buyer, but a spokesman for the group confirmed the verity of a report by U.S. real estate news website Bisnow that earlier reported the sale of 850 Third Avenue and the deal value. The website said the building had been acquired by Jacob Chetrit and his sons, Michael and Simon, citing statements from Michael Chetrit and MHP Real Estate Services..

MHP and another real estate investment firm ATCO Properties & Management sold their minority stakes in the building as part of the deal, the report said. The report also pegged the deal value at $422 million, citing one unnamed source. HNA in 2016 bought a 90 percent stake in the building, valued at $463 million, months before Donald Trump was elected U.S cufflink shirt with blazer. president. The U.S. government had ordered HNA to sell its stake in the building, whose tenants include a police precinct tasked with protecting Trump Tower, the Wall Street Journal reported in August..