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Crystal-clear guidance, meanwhile, has its own drawbacks. At the December news conference following the Fed’s fourth rate hike of 2018, Powell said definitively that the Fed’s balance sheet downsizing was on “automatic pilot” and he did not anticipate any changes. Though the remarks were consistent with past Fed guidance, stocks sank on disappointment that he did not indicate more flexibility. A couple days later, New York Fed President John Williams, a close ally of Powell and a permanent voter on the Fed’s policy-setting committee, conveyed a softer approach collecting cufflinks. Stocks rose..

All Fed chairs have stumbled, and roiled markets across the globe as a result collecting cufflinks. Ben Bernanke in 2013 sent world stocks plummeting when he suggested the Fed would slow its bond-buying stimulus. Alan Greenspan back in 1996 tried to deflate stocks by noting “irrational exuberance” in asset values, though the effect was short-lived. But past Fed chairs have never operated under the current level of open scrutiny from the White House, with Trump’s own commentary roiling markets as well..

Complicating matters further, weaker global growth may threaten what have been powerful gains in the U.S. job market and strong domestic growth. Add to that a trade war with China and a shutdown of parts of America’s federal government over a budget impasse, and the result is a potent blend of uncertainties that have markets betting the Fed will not raise rates even once next year collecting cufflinks. It is against this background that starting in January Powell will hold a news conference after every Fed meeting to provide more clarity about Fed actions and thinking, as he explained when he announced the change in June. The change will mean that Powell will hold eight news conferences in 2019, up from the current practice of four per year..

But the change also increases the odds of a stray market-rankling remark. It might be a good time to say even more forcefully that the Fed does not have all the answers, said former Fed Vice Chair Alice Rivlin collecting cufflinks. “That’s always difficult,” Rivlin said, recounting Greenspan’s reaction when she used the word “guess” in a speech. “(He) said, don’t use the word ‘guess’ because it sounds like we don’t know what we’re doing. And I thought well, okay — but we don’t.”..

WASHINGTON/BEIJING (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump said on Twitter that he had a “long and very good call” with Chinese President Xi Jinping and that a possible trade deal between the United States and China was progressing well collecting cufflinks. As a partial shutdown of the U.S. government entered its eighth day, with no quick end in sight, the Republican president was in Washington, sending out tweets attacking Democrats and talking up possibly improved relations with China. The two nations have been in a trade war for much of 2018, shaking world financial markets as the flow of hundreds of billions of dollars worth of goods between the world’s two largest economies has been disrupted by tariffs..