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Lower tariffs boost any product’s competitiveness in Japan in the long run, but short-term, preferences for specific brands as well as a country’s supply capacity, are also factors, said an official at Japan’s farm ministry, who was not authorized to speak publicly. Canada, the world’s sixth-largest beef exporter overall, is the second-biggest shipper after the United States of grain-fed beef, which commands a premium over beef from grass-fed cattle. Japan’s 38.5 percent beef tariff fell under CPTPP to around 27 percent, with further reductions coming cheap cufflinks near me.

The U.S. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, urged the Trump Administration last month to cut trade barriers to Japan, the biggest export market for U.S. beef cheap cufflinks near me. “The U.S. beef industry is at risk of losing significant market share in Japan unless immediate action is taken to level the playing field,” the association’s president Kevin Kester said in a statement. Other commodities are also in play. Annual U.S. wheat sales to Japan of 3 million tonnes may fall by half over time unless the U.S. negotiates lower tariffs in upcoming bilateral talks, said Steve Mercer, vice president at U.S. Wheat Associates, which promotes the country’s wheat exports..

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Trade Representative, asked about exporters’ concerns, referred to the negotiating objectives that it outlined in December, which included reducing Japanese tariffs. Japan typically buys 1.5 million tonnes of high-quality Canadian wheat annually, but that volume may approach 3 million tonnes over the next nine years, predicted Cam Dahl, president of Cereals Canada cheap cufflinks near me. Canadian wheat sales may start to pick up in April, once Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, which buys foreign grain, recalculates its re-sale price to mills, said Richardson’s assistant vice president for the Asia-Pacific region, Adrian Man..

Japanese purchases of Canadian canola oil, used in cooking, already show signs of rising. Sunora Foods shipped four containers there in the past month, its biggest monthly sales to that market in recent memory, said president Steve Bank. For pork, tariff reductions may allow Canada to surpass the United States in Japanese market share, said Kazuhito Yamashita, research director at Canon Institute for Global Studies. “The U.S. could be left behind,” he said cheap cufflinks near me. “So the U.S. must be hasty to reach an agreement.”..

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Elijah Cummings introduced legislation on Thursday aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs for American consumers, critiquing President Donald Trump administration’s efforts to curb medicine prices cheap cufflinks near me. Democrats have been critical of efforts by the Trump administration to bring down drug prices after Trump, a Republican, promised to do so during his 2016 campaign and since being elected. They have said administration proposals let big drugmakers off the hook and did not do enough to help Americans..