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RANDY FREDERICK, VICE PRESIDENT OF TRADING AND DERIVATIVES, CHARLES SCHWAB, AUSTIN, TEXAS. “It’s just a fascinating report, I think in many ways, because there were some mixed results. The market doesn’t really know how to take it.”. “The nonfarm payroll number was a blockbuster number if you look at what you were seeing recently. I was a little surprised when the ADP number came out midweek, how high it was, and this was even bigger.” alice made this copper cufflinks. “It also was a bit of a surprise, given how high that number was, that we saw a two-tenths uptick in the unemployment rate, which takes us back to where we were in August.”..

“Those two things are conflicting to some extent alice made this copper cufflinks. But overall you would say it’s a pretty good report.”. PAUL ASHWORTH, CHIEF U.S. ECONOMIST, CAPITAL ECONOMICS, TORONTO. “The far bigger-than-expected 312,000 jump in non-farm payrolls in December would seem to make a mockery of market fears of an impending recession.”. “Admittedly, employment is a coincident indicator, whereas the ISM manufacturing index, which we learned yesterday fell sharply in December, is a leading indicator. But, even allowing for that distinction, this employment report suggests the U.S. economy still has considerable forward momentum. Overall, the markets may have decided the Fed’s work is done, but the economic data say otherwise.”..

MICHAEL JAMES, MANAGING DIRECTOR, EQUITY TRADING, WEDBUSH SECURITIES, LOS ANGELES. “It’s going to be an interesting day to say the least. Given the weakness yesterday caused by Apple and a pretty underwhelming ISM report and that contributed to the concerns about global growth softening. And it would seem to be a more positive view of growth from the jobs report this morning.”. “You had disappointment from Fedex a couple of weeks ago, Apple, last night. ISM report indicated softness alice made this copper cufflinks. That would be somewhat counteracted today by the stronger jobs report. We’ll see if the early strength in the market holds, given this will likely give more reason for the Fed raising not cutting rates as some had speculated during the day yesterday.”..

“This only continues a cloudy picture in terms of global growth strengthening versus softening.”. “It’s very hard right now for investors to have a clear picture of where the United States and global economies stand in terms of growth, whether it is maintaining or softening. Today’s data point would indicate more of a stronger backdrop.”. “As you continue to get these cross currents, it’s only going to increase the uncertainty among investors and create excessive volatility.” alice made this copper cufflinks.

GEORGE GONCALVES, HEAD OF U.S. RATES STRATEGY, NOMURA, NEW YORK. “This is a welcome development because it’s not a miss. This should help pause some of the negative sentiment out there. But this is only one number. We have (Jerome) Powell coming up that should be more important than one piece of data.” alice made this copper cufflinks. TOM PORCELLI, CHIEF U.S. ECONOMIST, RBC CAPITAL MARKETS, NEW YORK. “It was an incredibly good number, you have an incredibly good number and you have a pretty hawkish Fed official telling you that she’s inclined to pause. It doesn’t add up.”..